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Kumzar: Trek, Kayak, Snorkel

The northernmost tip of the Mussandam peninsula can only be reached by boat for 3 hours on the high seas. No other dhow will take you this far, this comfortably. We have a ginormous dhow that is and very stable and will fit all of our KAYAKS on the top for us to explore the dolphin and turtle populated seas in the fjords on Friday while we motor on up to the tip.  

The activities will include snorkeling, kayaking, banana boating, swimming, relaxing, yoga, and boat jumping.  

We will hike in the aftenroon, coming down just at sunset, in the village of Kumzar to the overlook the village.  Saturday morning will be spent kayaking from our overnight spot down the coast for upwards of 3-4 hours, depending on the currents and the winds and our fitness.  We will explore the island and meet the locals, whom we know pretty well now after our 5 trips here this year!

Just in case, we will have a speedboat with us, as well as the Big Dhow that will be our 'respite' if you get tired and need a 'boost'.

We will also snorkel in another spot while we make our way up the coast, leaving the points where the other dhow cruises stop. We will sleep on the boat OR on the beach, and wake up at sunrise the next morning for our hike through the wadi.If you choose not to hike, you can get on the kayak again in another peninsula.

We will also have YOGA sessions with our expert Yoga teacher planned around our activities. 

We have learned that the best atittude is to be flexible and understand that the weather and other conditions will dictate what happens when.

This is our new itinerary based on the feedback and experience from the previous groups. This will also have the effect of being able to reduce the price per person, making it more accessible for all.

We will no longer offer the bus for this trip. It takes too long, its not comfortable, and its too expensive. You will need to get into car pools. You will arrive to Khasab border and it will be empty making an easy pass of it around 9 pm. Proceed the additional hour to the port.

Exhausted, you will get your stuff on the boat around midnight. We will sleep on the boat on Thursday night, in port. BUT THEN YOU SLEEP!!

We will offer an optional overnight in a nearby hotel for additional charge if you are late or just prefer more comfort and quiet.  (150dh)  There is also the option to drive up on Friday morning, but you'll need to be at the port by 7 am! 

Don't worry, there is no early wake up time! The boat will start moving at 8 am, well before other boats leave port. But our boat will be ready to go. You will be sleeping comfortably with the hum and slight rock of the boat, until the boat reaches Kumzar around 10 am. We believe this will be a huge improvement and siginficantly reduce the hassle of getting to the departure point in a timely way.

Day 1: Power up to Kumzar directly, reaching by 10 am. This is a challenging hike up and over the montain! If you are not up for the challenging hike, we have a canyoning option that does not have the ascent, but still some challenging bouldering. Or, skip the hike altogether and kayak and snorkel in another secluded and untouched bay nearby. Hiking on Friday will give us time to be more relaxed and slower on this hike as we do not have time pressure.

After our hike, we will return to our big boat, drive over to Mussandam Island and spend the night in this pristine island 30km from Iran (you can even see the lights of Iran) for our BBQ dinner on the beach before sleeping either on the boat or the beach. Sunset Yoga session on the beach.

Day 2: Wake up EARLY pre dawn to start the kayak tour.

Our goal is to reach back to port by 330 pm.

This is a weather sensitive destination. There are no refunds! But we will get you there on one of those trips either way, or we can put you on another trip around the same value.

What’s included:

• All food and drinks (l/d/b/l) + snacks and water on boat

• 50 Person Dhow cruise to Mussandam Island and Kumzar

• Snorkel gear also available for various stops along the way.

• Kayaks  (sit inside) 

This trip is suitable for families and kids


The Early bird Discount for this trip is 1100 DH.  After August 1, the trip is regular price at 1400 Dh

Pay on the website using your credit card! Please use the BOOK NOW button.


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